• USB Class Audio Considerations

    A current project I’m working on requires a fairly large amount of audio data to be moved between a discrete set of microcontrollers. This audio data needs to be an uncompressed PCM stream with eight or more channels per stream, multiple sources and sinks per device, and multiple devices connected together for central routing. I decided to take a look at how this might be done using class-compliant USB audio using a variety of different development boards. This is a summary of a few things I found out.

  • Reverse Engineering the Arturia KeyStep Firmware

    In this post, I document the steps I took to modify the stock firmware of an Arturia KeyStep keyboard.

  • A Few Notes on LeetCode

    I’ve recently been using LeetCode to brush up on those algorithm/CS-type fundamentals that have degraded since my undergrad days. Here’s a couple notes I’ve made over the first two weeks, in no particular order.

  • Expanded About Page

    I’ve finally gotten around to updating my about page with more details about my experience with various computing tools. Check it out!

  • Welcome!

    Welcome to my updated personal page! Please take a look at the about page for more information about me. At this point it is currently still a work in progress…